On the streets of Brooklyn, young men battle for respect in many ways. Whether it be the street corner hustle, to the basketball court, or to the street corner cipher.


Out the latter “The Specialist Musik” was born


Born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, from the age of 13 he realized that he had the gift of transforming the English language to portray vivid tales of street life in all of its aspects. Therefore he named himself “The Specialist”. Since then he has been perfecting his craft writing for himself as well as other up and coming artist. However, his writing skills are not just limited to Hip Hop or Rap. His stylistics versatility allows him to also craft R & B songs. His musical influences include Tupac Shakur and Sam Cooke to name a few, and just as those individuals paved the way for their generation, “The Specialist Musik” plans to do the same.


When asked where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? He replies:


“I see myself with a strong grip on the music business not just in the rap genre but on the music entity as a whole”.

He has been on tour with ABC’s Tours, and has performed at many local shows. The Specialist has even performed at Amateur Night at the Apollo, where legends are made.


“I want to be place in the book with the greats like Michael Jordan, Muhammed Ali and Tupac Shakur.”

– says The Specialist Musik.




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