Built from our hearts fueled by fear maintained by desperation. If life is truly what you make it then let’s see what can be made of it.

Enter Desporadoz Entertainment.

We represent the faceless and the unheard. The many that claim to be represented by the few whom seem to forgot to stop and listen but kept on talking.

How often can you predict what the next song will be on the radio? When was the last time you actually liked a song before being brainwashed by the constant replaying of it?

Where is the heart, the soul that comes with having such a platform. The balance that comes with being a human. Do we all just feeling like partying and selling drugs. Where is the call for dialogue? the songs that comfort when no one else will? the songs that give you a reason to get up and give “it” another shot? Where has the originality gone?

The line between creativity and monotony no longer exist. But we plan to bring attention to that line and push the boundaries of modern day limitation, allowing the listener to once again fall in love with the music. Proud to switch that dial on and listen to the radio station with pride once more.

Whether it be club songs or material that touches on the forgotten subjects with your help we will deliver the essence of what’s been missing. The soul, the drive, the ambition to once again listen.


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